Zanjan University of Medical Sciences

Zanjan University of Medical Sciences (ZUMS) is a prominent institution among Iranian medical universities, boasting over 3820 students in medical sciences fields, more than 347 faculty members, and multiple research centers. With the advancement of communication technologies and the increasing global availability of networks, there is a growing demand for international scientific and research exchanges.

Therefore, the international relations office at ZUMS, following the ministerial policy statement, is committed to expanding international collaboration in the field of health sciences.

To achieve this goal, ZUMS has developed strategies in five different areas, including health diplomacy and bilateral relations, improving the quality of hospital services, developing health tourism, educational improvement and provision of facilities for foreign students, promoting medical drug quality and equipment, and exporting them. These considerations are essential for the university’s international growth and success.

The international logistics chart has been developed to identify potentialities and capacities for developing international relations with other countries. Additionally, the International Relations Office (IRO) is taking steps to exchange the latest scientific findings and new technologies with universities, institutions, and international scientific organizations to improve the university’s global ranking and achieve international accreditation.

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