Tehran University of Medical Sciences – Kish

Tehran University of Medical Sciences (TUMS) is recognized as the oldest and most esteemed medical university in Iran. The university comprises of 11 schools, 16 affiliated hospitals, and over 80 specialized research centers, and is renowned for its exceptional research capabilities and for admitting the most proficient candidates from around the world. TUMS offers an extensive range of programs across its schools of Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Advanced Technologies in Medicine, Rehabilitation, Allied Medical Sciences, Public Health, Nursing and Midwifery, Nutritional Sciences and Dietetics, and Traditional Medicine, as well as its Virtual School and various specialized research centers.

In addition to the facilities and amenities in Tehran, TUMS has established a campus on the stunning Kish Island, located in the Persian Gulf, only 18 kilometers away from the mainland. The campus on this island is composed of TUMS Kish School and Sara Dormitory, offering students an unparalleled educational experience.

The TUMS Kish Campus includes two primary buildings. The first is TUMS Kish School, a two-story building situated next to the breathtaking Marjan Beach. The school provides students with a spacious and well-designed learning environment that is perfectly integrated with its surrounding environment. It comprises of 7 classrooms, 3 laboratories, male/female study rooms, a large multipurpose conference hall, a well-equipped library, several public computers, a language class with approximately 50 computers, a café, a prayer room, a game room, and an ATM. The largest classroom at the school can accommodate up to 80 students, and each laboratory has its own storage room for materials and equipment.

Nearby the school, students have access to Marjan Shopping Mall and Food Land, a food court that offers a wide range of dishes and edibles. In addition, there are three teahouses and cafés in the vicinity of the school that provide students with ideal places to relax and unwind.

The second building at TUMS Kish Campus is the Sara Dormitory, which is about a 10-minute drive from the school. The dormitory features a modern and stylish architectural design and includes a 7-story and a 10-story building. The dormitory has the capacity to accommodate around 150 students in its rooms that range from 4-occupancy to 13-occupancy suites. All rooms are fully furnished with new furniture and a complete set of kitchen utensils and equipment.

The dormitory is also equipped with a common room, a dining hall with a breakfast buffet, and a gym. In the vicinity of the dormitory, students have access to various amenities such as grocery stores, bakeries, barbershops, cafés and restaurants, shopping malls, a movie theater, and more. Additionally, the Imam Hasan Mosque is located approximately 5 minutes away by foot. Furthermore, Sara Dormitory is about a 20-minute walk from Kish Recreational Pier and some of the main shopping centers on the island.

Kish Island, also known as Kish, is a 92 square kilometer island situated in the Persian Gulf, south of Iran and approximately 18 kilometers away from mainland Iran. The island stretches for 15 kilometers from east to west. Kish is close to the equator and has a hot and humid climate, which has resulted in its unique nature. The average annual temperature on the island is 27 degrees Celsius, with July and August being the hottest months. However, from October onwards, Kish experiences pleasant weather for around eight months. The island boasts fine sandy beaches, which are its most popular tourist attraction. The island’s shiny surface glistens under the glorious sunlight throughout the day.

Although Kish is surrounded entirely by water, it is home to over 150 species of birds, making it a favorite migration spot. The island also has various plant species and vegetation growing in different parts, contributing to its scenic beauty. Kish Island is one of the most preferred recreational tourist destinations in the country, primarily due to its breathtaking scenery, perfect beaches, and sunny weather. The island has several sightseeing locations, such as the old Greek Ship, Mir Mohana, and Kish Recreational Piers, traditional cisterns, native villages, Kish Dolphin Park Complex, the island’s Bird Garden, as well as various parks and shopping malls.

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