Shahid Beheshti University Of Medical Sciences

Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences (SBUMS) is a leading public medical university in Tehran, Iran. Founded in 1961 with the establishment of the School of Medicine, it is currently the second largest medical university in the country, and is widely recognized for its excellence in education and research.

The university is primarily government-funded, with a governing structure consisting of a Board of Trustees, a chancellor, and a University Council, supported by eight vice-chancellors responsible for academic and education, research and technology, health, treatment, food and drug, administration and resources development, cultural and student affairs, and international affairs.

SBUMS comprises twelve schools offering a diverse range of fields, including 26 sub-specialties, 48 fellowships, 35 specialties, 49 PhDs, 15 MPH, 3 general medical fields (medicine, dentistry, and pharmacy), and 67 majors at the MSC and BSC levels. The university is home to over 12,500 students, who are taught and trained by a full-time faculty of 1,410 academic staff, including 209 professors, 403 associate professors, 738 assistant professors, and 60 lecturers as of 2017.

SBUMS boasts 5 research institutes and over 76 research centers, seven of which collaborate with the World Health Organization (WHO). The university has trained thousands of students at both undergraduate and graduate levels in various specialties, including general medical fields, PhDs, specialties, sub-specialties, and fellowships. These alumni currently provide health-related services to Iran and many other countries around the world.

Since the merging of the Ministry of Health with Medical Education in 1988, SBUMS has been responsible for promoting and maintaining the health of over 5,250,000 residents in Tehran and neighboring cities in Eastern and Southern Tehran Province, in addition to training students in various health-related disciplines. Overall, SBUMS plays a crucial role in advancing medical education and research in Iran and beyond.

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