Kerman University of Medical Sciences

Kerman University of Medical Sciences (KMU) is committed to serving as a reliable source of knowledge for the public, striving to be a transformative, innovative, and accountable academic institution that enjoys the trust of students, academics, industries, and the private sector. KMU aims to foster a collaborative environment that encourages the free exchange of ideas and opinions among its community members.




The founder of Kerman University, Alireza Afzalipour, hailed from a family of philosophers and scholars and was himself a diligent, determined, and philanthropic individual. After years of tireless efforts, he established Kerman University, which he described in his own words as his most significant achievement.




KMU is dedicated to nurturing talent through instruction and scientific research, particularly in medical and paramedical sciences, in order to meet the country’s human resource needs in these fields. The university also seeks to create research facilities to identify untapped potential areas for scientific development in health and medicine, and to enhance medical facilities across the province and the wider community through affiliated medical organizations, institutes, and health centers.






Kerman University of Medical Sciences is primarily focused on research, with numerous research institutes and projects aimed at advancing medical science.

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