Isfahan University Of Medical Sciences

Isfahan University of Medical Sciences offers a range of educational programs, including undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate courses across 10 faculties and 75 departments. With a student population of around 10,000, the university attracts students from all 31 provinces of Iran and various foreign countries.

The university campus is situated on a 400-hectare site in the southwestern corner of the City of Isfahan, adjacent to the University of Isfahan, and enjoys a panoramic view of the city from the foothills of Mount Soffeh. The faculty buildings are spread across 102,000 square meters of beautifully landscaped green spaces, some of which have historical and architectural significance.

The university buildings are used for educational, administrative, recreational, and general services, with over 30% of the buildings devoted to educational purposes. The Hezar-Jerib highway runs alongside the eastern border of the campus, making it easily accessible by public transport, including buses and planned Metro stations.

The Kooy-e-Daneshgah residential area is situated in the southern part of the campus and is designated for university staff and students. The most noteworthy feature of IUMS is the integration of all faculty and administrative buildings in the same area, providing a cohesive educational and social experience for students.

Al-Zahra Teaching Hospital, one of the most well-equipped and distinguished hospitals in the Middle East, is located southwest of the university campus.

The university provides a residential complex for students, including dormitories and apartments for academic and administrative staff. Ten dormitories are available, with five for male students and five for female students. The dormitories are equipped with a range of facilities, such as supermarkets, restaurants, gyms, playgrounds, and cycling areas. Each room is supplied with a phone line and internet access, and library, study, and computer rooms are available to facilitate research and academic activities. Male and female international students are allocated specific dormitories, which also provide free transportation to and from faculty buildings on campus.

A clinic is available on campus, offering emergency, ambulance, and general dentistry services free of charge 24 hours a day. Congregational prayers are held at the dormitory mosques, and counselors are available to provide advice on a range of issues, including education, marriage, and cultural activities.

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