Hamedan University of Medical Sciences

Hamedan University of Medical Sciences is situated in Iran, a Middle Eastern country with a population of over 84 million and an official language of Persian. The university offers a diverse range of faculties including Medicine, Business, Engineering, Social Sciences, Aviation and Aeronautical Sciences, Law, Architecture, and Design. It is officially registered by the Ministry of Education in Iran and provides bachelor’s, master’s, and PhD degree programs along with language courses, certificate programs, and social activities. Students can apply online or visit the registration office to enroll at the university.

Hamadan province is situated in the western region of Iran, covering an area of 19493 square kilometers. The city of Hamadan, known for its ancient history, is the center of this province and was founded in the 8th century BC by the Medes. The Medes named the city Hegmataneh, and Hamadan is its modern version. Today, Hamadan is renowned as the hub of Iranian history and civilization. The province is the 24th most populous province in Iran, with a population of 1.738 million people, and 538 thousand households as per the 2017 census. The province consists of nine cities, namely Hamedan, Malayer, Nahavand, Touyserkan, Asadabad, Kabudarahang, Bahar, Razan, and Famenin. Hamadan province shares its borders with Zanjan and Qazvin provinces in the north, Lorestan province in the south, Markazi province in the east, and Kurdistan and Kermanshah provinces in the west, spanning across 19,493 square kilometers.

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